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Reward Your Deserving Employees For Their Service

Today, most organizations recognize their employees’ years of service and hard work with formal programs where a gift or award is given to the celebrant. It is fairly common for awards to carry the company’s logo or corporate identity to create a sense of belonging among the awarded employees. Thanks to over 30 years of experience in the business, we know how to successfully develop and execute an award program without any errors. Just tell us what kind of awards you want to present, and we will make them for you! 

Our two main employee recognition products are:

Our main employee recognition products are:

Performance Recognition Awards

While there are a number of ways with which a company can reward its employees, performance recognition awards still prove to be the most effective method. With custom performance awards, you can acknowledge and appreciate deserving employees on their successful completion of a milestone. This not only acts as a positive reinforcement that supports the company’s production goals, but also fosters a sense of achievement among the people who dedicatedly work for you.

Milestone Awards

Career achievement awards are presented after someone has served in the organization for a specific time period. These are usually given every 5 or 10 years as service milestones. Milestone awards are the best way to recognize an employee’s contribution to the company. Big or small, you can customize the awards with your corporate logo to symbolize your appreciation for their time and hard work.

Employee Orientation Awards

If you really want to make your employees feel happy and valued, employee orientation awards are a great opportunity! The first few weeks on the job can prove to be the best time to reward an employee, as it provides motivation and boosts their morale to perform their best. Think of any gift, small or big, that can help establish a bond between the employees and the company. We can successfully produce that gift for you and help you smoothen the stressful training period for your new joinees!

Safety Awards

Companies with a high degree of risk continually look for ways to improve safety records. A safety program is a great step here, as it encourages safety awareness on the job. By presenting awards for safety performance, you can keep safety a top priority in your organization. This award can be given as a crew award or individual award with points accumulated over a specific time period.

Custom Awards For Your Different Milestone Programs

Are you planning to organize a years of service program? Let us help! We can develop and execute milestone programs as per your varying needs and budget. Have a look at sample awards to see what floats your boat!

Our Terms And Conditions


Where possible, all items will bear your company logo either by embroidery, engraving, pad printing or decal. Some products may not be imprintable.

Points Value

When implementing a points value system, the value should be based on the maximum price for each category for budgetary purposes.

Category Values Examples:

  • $50.00 - $75.00

  • $80.00 - $100.00

  • $120.00 - $150.00

  • $160.00 - $190.00

  • $220.00 - $250.00

  • $275.00 - $300.00

  • $350.00 - $375.00

  • $400.00 - $450.00

  • $475.00 - $500.00

(Category values do not include GST or PST)

Order Period

Ordering of products should be limited to quarterly or bi-annually.

Product Selection

Where employees accumulate more points than the maximum value of products shown they may select a second product from another category equal to the value of their remaining points differential.

Order Forms

Enclosed is a copy of the individuals order form. You may wish to print your own copies or items can be ordered on-line. If you supply us with the recipient’s name and item chosen, we will tag the item before shipping for easy distribution.

Setup Charges

Setup charges may be applicable for the purpose of applying your corporate logo by different methods depending upon product. One-time only setups not to exceed $300.00. E.g. Engraving on some items will require a one-time setup charge but embroidery will not.


All freight charges are FOB Vernon, BC or FOB suppliers depending on the origin of shipping location and destination.


Estimated delivery on most items is 3 to 5 weeks.


Catalogues are not available due to the frequency of item revisions, but we can send additional copies of awards program if you require them.


Because of the nature of the products involved, items are continually being changed and new products are being introduced. We will substitute a product of similar design and value with customer approval.

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